EES EU Live (7/2022) - The Digital Senators' Briefing
Video Live Talk the European Economic Senate (EES),

on the topic: “Inflation, Energy Prices, Ukraine War – Report from the OSCE Meeting in Birmingham”

As a society, we were just on the way to establishing a bit of "normality" again in the corona pandemic when the start of the Ukraine war heralded the next big - and maybe even bigger - crisis: Within a very short time, energy prices jumped to levels that many citizens can no longer or hardly bear and that are already causing difficulties for the economy in many areas. There is no end in sight, on the contrary, one suspects that this is just the beginning. With the energy prices, inflation also rose rapidly, to a level that we have not seen in Germany for almost fifty years. Food and energy particularly affected and have already become a noticeable burden for consumers in everyday life.

Important questions arise that need to be addressed by society, business and politics: How can inflation be stopped? In particular, the rate of price increases for food needs our attention. What is the cause for high prices even for regional foods?

How do we have to deal with the impending energy shortage and the resulting problems for the economy and society? What is the threat and what are possible solutions? Which new approaches do we have to learn to think?

How should Germany deal with the situation? What are the possibilities of the EU?

Tobias Winkler, MP and member of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly delegation, spoke live from Birmingham from the Annual Meeting of the OSCE, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. From there he reported to us on the latest findings from the OSCE countries and, in his capacity as a member of the Committee on European Union Affairs, also addresses some of the pressing issues from the EU's point of view.

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Rof von Hohenhau
President of the Taxpayers Association of Europe,
Chairman of the EES Supervisory Boad

Keynote speech/Report
Member of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly delegation,
Member of the Committee on European Union Affairs of the German Parliament