EES General Assembly 2019 and EES Economic Talks
Munich, 13.12.2019

Our EES Economic Talks were under the motto: "Europe 2030 - Everything on E-Power? - What does the Future hold? Science and Business as Drivers of Innovation".

German politicians in particular have made a clear commitment to the issue of mobility and energy supply. The trend is towards e-mobility and renewable energy generation. Wind and solar energy are also playing an increasingly important role at EU level. For example, the EU Commission sees e-mobility in local public transport as the key to reducing C02 emissions. However important it may be for politicians to set the right framework conditions, in the end it is always science, research and industry that develop solutions for society's problems and offer them on the market. That's why we want to address issues relating to sustainable energy generation and use with an open mind. These also include questions of energy storage, drive technology, CO2 reduction and mobility.


Welcom EES President Dr Ingo Friedrich

Opening of the General Assembley

View on the Participants


(from left) Prof Dr Michael Schmidt, Gert Nowotny, Rolf von Hohenhau, Dr Ralf Schneider and Member of German Parliament  Bernhard Loos

Dinner Speaker Christoph Minhoff

Dinner, View on the Participants

EES Economy Senator Nomination

(from left) Supervisory Chairman Rolf von Hohenhau, Dr Stefan Weinheimer, CEO Michael Jaeger, Andrea Wirsching, President Dr Ingo Friedrich, Dr Hans Mehringer, Secretary General Wolfgang Franken and Christian Mehringer

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