Code of Honor

My Personal Principles

  1. I have respect for human dignity and individuality.
  2. I campaign foe decency, truth and justice.
  3. I stand for clear decision making and practise fairness.
  4. I see responsibility and social engagement as an essential constituent of the way I lead my life.
  5. I solve conflict exclusively by fair means of communication.

My Business Principles

  1. Through my membership of the European Economic Senate I consciously strengthen the interests of businesses in Europe.
  2. I am a believer in a socially fair market economy and work hard to create a positive public image of entrepreneurs in Europe.
  3. I act according to the principles of an honourable businessman.
  4. I make sure that my actions are equally weighted between the needs of employees and customers.
  5. I am constantly educating myself in order to improve my skills. I am open to an exchange of experiences, co operations and  link-ups.