Committees of EES

  • Committees are integral part of the EES.
  • Topics and problems, daddressed to the EES  are  delat with in committees and proposals for solutions are worked out.
  • The results are focused and positive effects for corporates and Labour Market.

Committee Digitalization
Chairman: Hagen Rickmann
Topics: Industry 4.0, Digitalisation

Committee Economy and Politics
Topics: Economy and Politics, Participation, Employees Participation, Remunaration Model

Committee Ethics
Topics: Ethics and Entrepreneurship
Committee Health
Chairman: Marco Scherbaum
Topics: Health at the workplace, Factors of Success and Marketing
Committee Financial Management
Topics: Corporate Finance, Currencies, Banking in Europe, SME’s Support in Europe

Committee Innovation
Chairman: Edurad Kastner
Topics: Solutions to Future Issues, Innovation, Research & Development

Committee Sutainability
Chairman: Michael Martin
Topics: Climate protection, Sustainable Production, Conservation of Natural Resources,  Mobility