Dr Deepak Narwal

DrDeepak Narwal

Dr Narwal is an entrepreneur with interests in Health care, Artificial Intelligence, health care, education and innovative environmental technologies. He is an expert in inter-governmental and cross-country business, who is specialized in the interconnection between private sector and ESG markets India-EU. He is an advisor to European think tank on different aspects inside BRICS and G20 – especially G20 India 2022. He is on the advisory board of two major think tanks in Europe and is a speaker on promotion of environmental and educational technologies. Dr Narwal is a magnet for innovation in Europe and is promoting several innovative Environmental initiatives in Wind power, Waste, water sanitation in India and several countries in Africa. He is now committed to building self-sustainable university hospitals (which are independent of the power grid) in India and some countries in Africa to address multiple focal areas of waste, water sanitation, unemployment, education, women empowerment and world-class health care. On charitable front, Dr Narwal is an active campaigner for malaria eradication and is collaborating with global organisations to promote innovative and unique products to help eradicate the disease. He is Advisor to Wockhardt Foundation in India. He was honoured with the prestigious BHARAT GAURAV AWARD in British Parliament on 13th April 2018.

E-Mail: drnarwal@me.com

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