EES Live (07/2024)

EES Live; Energy Crisis 2022 - Looking Back and Lessons for the Future July 2, 2024, 05.00 p.m.

2022 - the year of the energy crisis. A year in which Germany narrowly escaped a blackout and Russia's Gazprom conspiracy made headlines. Putin almost caused energy chaos had it not been for courageous Russian whistleblowers who averted disaster at the last second. The “Handelsblatt” article which won two journalism awards, reads like a gripping thriller. Although electricity and gas prices have now stabilised again despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, new global political conflicts are fuelling the risk of another energy crisis.

What does the situation and development look like for Germany and the EU with a view to the coming winter and the year 2025? What should companies and households expect? What precautions can be taken? We want to address these and other topics in the upcoming EWS Live.

Energy market expert Philipp HUBER from our EES member e.optimum AG, Germany's largest independent energy purchasing association, will guide us through an exciting review of this gruelling period and provide an expert assessment and outlook for the future.

We invite you to attend this presentation and gain a valuable insight into the tension between the past, present and future of the energy markets. It's worth it!


Welcome and moderation

    President of the European Economic Senate (EES)


  • Senator h.c. Stefan MÜLLER
    Chairman e.optimum AG

Keynote speech

  • Philipp HUBER
    Head of Portfolio Management
    and Energy Procurement e.optimum AG