Statement EES President Dr Ingo Friedrich, October 17, 2023

Experience shows that even in the worst challenge there is almost always an opportunity for change, a “game changer”. Recognizing this opportunity and then using it is great wisdom and can also be great politics.

In relation to the terrible events in Israel, this means: Since there is currently a global disgust towards the atrocities of Hamas and at the same time a great empathy for Israel under attack, Israel should use this momentum and forego a ground offensive by formulating conditions. Such conditions could be: Release of the hostages and convening of a major peace conference with the aim of the Arab camp's final recognition of Israel's right to exist.

A ground offensive now would only have the potential to squander Israel's global sympathy, cause the hostages to die and escalate the crisis. It is not blind revenge that will get us out of this mess, but rather sober and cleverly calculated politics.