Statement EES President Dr Ingo Friedrich, November 3, 2020

At the moment we are still living in a kind of Corona depression, and many are even threatened in their economic existence by the blockades and lockdowns. But almost as the old philosophical saying goes, “help is closest when the need is most pressing”, slowly the instruments and “weapons” that can help become apparent. By means of these instruments we will be able to combat this horrible virus and maybe many common colds and even the flu. We might not completely eradicate it, but to an extend to which wen can live our “normal” life again, a life without lockdowns: 

  1. Distance, Hygiene, Masks and Outdoor Activities
     These four measures already practiced are and remain helpful, and will continue to accompany us frequently in the future. But on their own they are not sufficient to reach health success.

  2. Ultra Violet Rays for the Disinfection of Rooms and Objects
    This “weapon” has its price, but its application could be reasonable in many cases, e.g. hospitals and special hot spots. One of its problems is the fact that people present in those rooms would have to be protected against the ultra violet rays.  

  3. Mobile Exhaust Air Filters for the Constant Air Exchange in Closed Rooms
    This “weapon” can be applied at any time and everywhere with a high level of efficiency.  The necessary regular exchange of the filters is an additional cost factor, but in combination with the already practiced distance requirements, I believe restaurants and hotels could be reopened at any time.  

  4. The New Vaccine
    Yes, it will come, this new vaccine! But we have no idea yet how widespread its effect will be and which unwanted side effects will come with it. Nevertheless, in most cases it will be of significant help to fight the pandemic. Of course, one must not force this vaccination on anybody, but the beneficial effect of vaccines historically has been significantly higher in most cases than their negative side effects.

  5. New Medication for the Effective Combat of the Disease and its Symptoms
    The American President, Trump, could be cured surprisingly fast, apparently also by the means of effective if currently still very expensive medication. It is therefore in this case the duty of science to also research effective medication for the treatment and cure of all people and make it available for everybody.

  6. New Suction Devices for Closed Rooms
    Similar to the exhaust air filters it is technically possible to generally suck away contaminated air from closed rooms and route it outside “into the open”. This enables a continued renewal and “decontamination” of the air breathed in by people. This is also technically expensive, but if it is conducive to health.

In essence one can say: We are not helplessly at the mercy of this virus. As always in human history, us humans have been and continue to be able to meet new challenges with new ideas. Maybe, by overcoming this crisis we can even overcome old problems and diseases at the same time.